In it for the long haul

At Morrison Express, our objective is to identify social, economic, and environmental actions that will assist our employees, clients, and service providers in reducing their environmental impact in both a substantive and a sustainable manner. With this focus, we strive to build and operate a sustainable company that delivers long term value to our stakeholders: clients, employees, suppliers, business partners, and the community.

Sustainability is everyone’s job. For the plan to work, a sound governance framework must be in place to promote sound judgement by strong leaders across the organization. Once established, sustainability helps to better serve clients and becomes the foundation for the company's role as a "good citizen" within the community, thus reducing risk. Sustainability drives us to be lean and to innovate, pushing us to be creative in everything we do. For Morrison, that means that as we design a logistics solution for client supply chains, we consider every step and every detail of the process, from cradle to grave.


Embrace and enforce

  • Corporate culture
  • Code of conduct
  • Corporate compliance



Optimize and improve

  • Technology enhancements to eliminate waste
  • Integrated systems for paperless environments
  • Network and route optimization for improved productivity



Identify and integrate

  • ISO compliance 9001
  • Purchase for needed capacity and vet for EPA partnerships
  • Control what we can: reduce, recycle and reuse.