Industry Solutions

Core foundation: initiative, client focus

The determination to take years of experience in global supply chain management and combine it with the requirements and nuances of specific vertical industries doesn't happen overnight. It takes initiative and a determined willingness to seek out knowledge. It requires to you to roll up your sleeves, to want it. Next, you have to take that acquired expertise and apply it to each client's individual needs and requirements. With that kind of knowledge and focus, what you'll have is something unique: the ability to offer customers a specific solution, within a specific vertical industry, within a highly specialized global industry.

Morrison Express prides itself on having just that kind of drive and initiative, enabling us to offer uniquely customized solutions for our clients that include industry-specific expertise utilizing a global network of regional hubs. Through them, we provide a complete range of solutions for each client's vertical industry requirements, including freight handling, distribution, and warehousing. Specific services include domestic trucking, merge-in-transit, pick-and-pack, assembly, finished goods distribution, inventory management, reverse logistics--whatever the need, wherever the task, Morrison can help.