Supply Chain Visibility

Seeing is believing

SCM icons SCvisibilityIn today's global environment, it's crucial for companies to get their products to market at the right speed and right time. Knowing what that time is and having the right data on-hand enables you to better manage demand and respond in a more agile way should problems or disruptions arise.

Morrison Express provides end-to-end supply chain visibility via our owned and operated data management system, designed expressly for today’s increasingly complex supply chain logistics. This sophisticated tool helps us streamline the delivery of information between internal and external systems, offering seamless integration between shipper, forwarder, and consignee.

Utilizing highly flexible systems, we customize IT solutions for clients that increase supply chain visibility, helping you optimize warehouse and inventory management and reduce your freight forwarding costs.

Morrison has more than four decades of experience developing and implementing robust supply chain and freight management IT solutions for Fortune 500 and multinational corporations. Let us build one for you.

Our custom IT services include:

  • Integrated FMS (Freight Management System) solutions
  • WMS (Warehouse Management System) solutions
  • Web-based logistics solutions
  • Ready-to-go data exchange solutions

What do our clients say?

Not only do they know where our freight is at any point in time, Morrison has been able to remove redundancies and improve our processes as well.
~ Grace P.