Value Added Services

Services that become solutions

SCM icons addedProfessional logistics services should do more than just receive, ship, and store. A true logistics partner helps maximize efficiencies, reduce costs, optimize warehouse and transportation management and streamline the entire process. In other words, your partner should "add value." Our value-added logistics services include everything from inventory and transportation management, to labeling and QC.

Our fully-integrated, best-in-class IT allows our systems to communicate with each other and with our clients' systems, providing a seamless flow of information.

Morrison’s value-added services enable you to better address special orders, optimize inventory turns and implement packaging or product changes. Our teams of professionals are available to engineer a smart solution for your business, designing and configuring a right-sized approach. Every time. Work with Morrison and you may be surprised how much complexity and cost we can help you drive out of your supply chain, adding value every step of the way.

Value-added services include:

  • In-plant logistics
  • Pre-delivery inspection and testing
  • Materials management
  • Pick and pack, kitting and labeling
  • Testing/configuration
  • Display build and setup
  • Specialty packaging/repack
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Supplier compliance measurement
  • Grounds maintenance
  • EDI and document scanning
  • Sequencing and line-side delivery
  • Shuttle runs
  • Returns processing/management