Vendor Managed Inventory

Seeing every piece of the puzzle

SCM icons vendorMgmtAs companies continue to expand into new markets, the supplier networks needed to meet manufacturing demands have also grown. To meet this demand and maintain control, Morrison Express has developed Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services that can be customized for brand owners and major corporations, enabling you to effectively manage individual vendor products and components 24/7.

No matter where you operate, or what you manufacture, we can help keep your supply chain moving efficiently. Our VMI services provide you with a team of dedicated professionals and a technology platform that offers greater supply chain visibility, reducing the risk of potential disruptions as vendor-supplied products are introduced along the way. Morrison team members also work with your suppliers in their local languages, ensuring they meet pre-defined performance expectations and order milestones, transportation requirements, packaging criteria, and more.

Let Morrison implement a VMI solution for your supplier products and parts. Because if you can see it, you can control it.

VMI capabilities include:

  • EDI integration with client ERP
  • Compliance with agreed-to KPIs
  • Compliance with all local regulations
  • Vendor performance scorecards and reporting
  • Data capture of P.O. details

What do our clients say?

With Morrison’s VMI process, we’ve been able to more accurately forecast our inventory and reduce time to market.
~ Stefan L.